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You need to read this book (12/31/09)

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Deep Church by Jim Belcher

So technically it’s the last day of 2009. My clock says 12:12 am CST. I thought I would try to fit in one more book recommendation into the year. While there have been a number of excellent books to come out this year, after Horton’s Christless Christianity, Jim Belcher’s Deep Church comes in as another favorite of the year. It is clear, practical, and Belcher (a PCA minister) says nearly everything I have been thinking about the debates between “emerging” and “traditional” churches. Like many of us, Belcher both feels like an insider and an outsider to the emerging church discussion(s) and Deep Church is his attempt to provide a way forward. f you are involved with church ministry, this is a must read. Besides, virtually everyone in the blogosphere (is it ok to say blogosphere?) is talking about it.

While Belcher and I come from similar backgrounds (I’m basically PCA with a lot of Kuyper thrown in for fun), Deep Church would be just as helpful for other brothers and sisters who don’t share my particular theological distinctives. Either way, you have to read a book on the church that has endorsements from both Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell on the back.


Jesus, help my personality flaws.

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Following Michael Bird’s recent post, I have a confession to make: I am an introvert. While being an introvert isn’t a bad thing and I’m thankful that God made me one and I trust that he intends it for his glory, I often have a hard time expressing emotion to people. This is especially difficult during Christmastime. I have a hard time showing people how thankful I am. This is a personality flaw, and I want to nail it to the cross, relying on the Spirit to conform me more into the image of Christ. I can’t change this myself, but I do have a great God who can. I am extremely blessed by my generous fiancee, friends, family, and soon-to-be family in-law, and to all of you, thank you. Even more so, I have an extremely gracious and generous God who blesses and saves ill-deserving sinners like me. So Jesus, help my personality flaws.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” – Colossians 3:16

Please pray for Matt Chandler

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Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church in Texas recently had brain surgery to remove a tumor and the pathology results that came in today indicate cancer. Matt has been a huge influence on me and a faithful minister of the gospel. I would encourage you to watch the video that was filmed the day before his surgery. You can read the Village Church’s post on it here. Please pray for Matt, his family, and the church. He is showing us what it looks like to suffer well for God’s glory.

Trevin Wax is giving away free books!

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And really, who doesn’t love free books? He is giving one lucky winner all ten of his favorite books of ’09 as well as an ESV Study Bible! Check out his Kingdom People Christmas Giveaway here.

Current Jamz – 12/12/09

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In no particular order…