Cardinology – Noun; The study of The Cardinals, Ryan Adams’ backing band.

In music, recommendations, reviews, videos on November 1, 2008 at 10:43 am

After recording Cold Roses and Jacksonville City Nights with a shape-shifting group of musicians called The Cardinals, Ryan Adams finally found steady group of musicians for his band.  Although Easy Tiger was technically a Ryan Adams & The Cardinals project, it ended up getting billed as another solo album.  This past tuesday, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals released Cardinology, their most undeniably band-focused album to date.  While still wearing some of their Grateful Dead & Gram Parsons influences on their sleeves, U2 and Allman Brothers influences are also present.  Most importantly though, Cardinology shows the band really coming into their own.  Pick it up.  It’s a great album.

Watch Ryan Adams & The Cardinals perform the single “Fix It” on Letterman.


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